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Product Updates

Discover all the new stuff we’ve worked in a chronological order

Copy and paste styles in a click

Copy and paste text styles, colors and image filters in your designs by clicking on the copy style button from the right-side panel.

Easily create folders and organize your design

The PhotoADKing offers the folder structure feature to easily manage and organize your designs by placing it into a specific folder. Store unlimited designs in a single folder without any limits. With this feature, you can, > Create Folder > Rename Folder > Delete Folder

Duplicate your design

With the feature 'Duplicate', you can copy the saved template design. This feature will save you a lot of time when you need the same template design you created earlier. To make a copy of a saved design in your account, follow the steps: 1. On the template, you wish to replicate click the template's drop-down menu and choose Duplicate.

Save your design with a new name or Rename the existing one

Now you can save your design templates with the name you wish to set. Saving your design with a name helps you to easily identify your design from the designs that you saved.

3D Editor

PhotoADKing provides the collection of 3D shapes & 3D Texts in the editor. The awesome 3D editor allows you to edit stunning 3D Shapes & Texts and use them in your design.

Crop image to the desired size

Thanks to this feature, you can now crop the images you upload to the desired size right from the stage. Simply enter in crop mode by clicking on the crop button under the Crop/Erase section from the right panel.