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Easy Pinterest Pin Design Maker

PhotoADKing's Pinterest pin maker allows you to make all kinds of pin designs for your Pinterest post without any designing skills. Our pin maker is super easy-to-use that even non-designers can come up with awesome-looking designs in just a matter of a few clicks. Pinterest is a platform that helps you to showcase your creativity in the form of graphics to the world. Exchange your ideas with people and inspire today & forever. Create a Pinterest pin now.

Key Features: Pinterest Post Maker

Take it as a Pinterest post creator to showcase your products for social media marketing. The filters, effects, background, and Pinterest post templates that were hard to create once are now easily editable with the PhotoADKing's Pinterest post maker.

Search for your Pinterest post design

Search for your Pinterest post design

Find your business category with a quick search bar and create a Pinterest post with an easy to use Pinterest post maker.

Create Pinterest Post
Just select a Pinterest post template and customize

Just select a Pinterest post template and customize

Pick and customize one of our Pinterest post templates to get started. No Pinterest post design skills are needed.

Create Pinterest Post
Just select a Pinterest post template and customize
Advanced Pinterest post making tools

Advanced Pinterest post making tools

PhotoADKing provides simple drag and drop photo editing tools to create Pinterest posts. Whether you want to remove backgrounds or crop images, you can do it all.

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How to Make a Pinterest Pin


Open PhotoADKing

Sign up or log in after opening PhotoADKing and search for 'Pinterest post' using a search tool.


Choose a Pinterest Post Template

Choose a template from the wide range of Pinterest post templates library.


Explore Features

Within PhotoADKing you can explore many features that allow you to make a Pinterest post more personalized. Like stickers, fonts, and free to use premium stock images.


Personalized It

Making a Pinterest post more personalized by adding information about the product or a service will make the Pinterest post perfect.


Download and Share

After customizing your personalized Pinterest post, it is time to download and share it with the world. Click on the ‘share’ button to share your Pinterest post to the digital platforms.

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Firstly, pick a template for size 600 x 900 and customize it accordingly. Relative to that, pick any random template for size 600 x 600, then browse for the similar graphics used for the previous one. Hola! You get two different sizes of pins for the same post.

Once you log in, you get early access to multiple graphics. Where you'll find hundreds of graphics matching your post requirement. Along with them, you will find discounts offering templates.

Yes, you can. Tap on the text, a panel on the right will appear namely: ‘Editor’. Go under ‘Adjust’ and decrease the intensity as needed. You’ll get a transparent overlay in the background as a result.

During creating a Pinterest post with PhotoADKing’s Pinterest pin generator, you will get the ‘Share’ button next to the ‘Download’ button. By clicking on the ‘Share’ button you can use your templates on Pinterest

Make Pinterest Graphics Easily

Get more views to your pins using our Pinterest post creator. free, quick & easy to use.

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