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Create Branding Video For Your Business

Make branding videos for your business in a flash with PhotoADKing's simple and easy-to-use branding video maker tools.Ever wondered why videos are known to be a powerful marketing tool? It’s because people observe textual content in abundance and amidst that, if a branding video is displayed it gives their eyes a rest and they indulge in it with some attention. Let’s benefit from the subject and make online video advertising fun and profitable at the same time. PhotoADKing's branding video maker makes it easy for you to make videos.

Branding Video Templates

PhotoADKing takes care of your branding video production, as for the cause we provide an extensive range of branding video templates that are ready-made and easy to edit. Our branding video maker is so easy to use that even non-designers can take advantage of it. You should indulge in having a video marketing strategy for your brand. Just in some taps, your design will be ready to roll with PhotoADKing's branding video maker.

Branding Video Maker

Take it as a video content creator to showcase your products for video marketing. The filters, effects, background, and branding video templates that were hard to create once are now easily editable with PhotoADKing's branding video maker.

branding video template

Search for your branding video template

Find your business category with a quick search bar and create a branding video with an easy-to-use branding video maker.

Make Branding Video
branding video

Just select a branding video template and customize

Pick and customize one of our branding video templates to get started.

Make Branding Video
Flyer maker editor
branding video

Advanced branding video-making tools

PhotoADKing provides simple drag and drop video editing tools to create branding videos. Whether you want to add your own video or crop audio, you can do it all.

Make Branding Video

How to Make a Branding Video

Find Your Business Kind


Among the different business categories, find the one that falls under your brand type. If not the same, find a similar brand category that counts your kind.

Insert Your Brand Logo


Add in your branding message and the best part is that you can even import brand logos from your own device. Customize your image, video, or even trim it; all within a few taps.

Pick a Suitable Template


Under your brand category, you’ll find a bunch of exclusive designs. Select a template that fits well with your branding purpose/message.

Add Your Own Video/Audio


The template you chose is now customize-ready. You can replace the default video and add a new one from the collection. You can even add an audio tune supporting your video.

Download & Share


Once you are done customizing or are happy with the outcome, you can tap on the green ‘Save’ button to be able to redesign later. And then download the video in a suitable format.


Besides the Download button, there is a 'Share' icon. Tapping will list down some social media platforms. Tap on any one you like and share it on social media right from PhotoADKing.

Yes, surely you can. With PhotoADKing you can add image, video, audio and even fonts from your device. Follow the path: Add Video > My videos > Tap ‘Upload’. Browse into your device folder to select.

All you have to do is: Tap on the text in your video and on your right you’ll find an editor screen. Go under ‘Text settings’, you’ll find some text styling options such as Font, Size, Style, Alignment, Opacity & Spacing.

Yes, surely you can. When the template is selected, the editor screen on the right will show a ‘trim video’ message. Tap on it to set the duration or decide the start and end time.

Branding Video Maker

Choose from more than 1000+ branding video templates. It's free simple and easy to use.

Create Branding Videos