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How to Make a Real Estate Postcard

Pick the real estate postcard template

Choose a design for your needs from the 100+ real estate postcard templates.

Customize the template

Personalize the template by changing text, images, colors with your brand identity to get your design ready in minutes.

Download and Share

Download your design in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. You can find your saved design under the 'My Designs' section for re-edit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone in the real estate industry can use real estate postcard templates, including agents, brokers, and property managers. They can be utilized to promote a specific property or to market a real estate business in general. They can also be used to stay in touch with past clients and keep them informed about upcoming properties or changes in the real estate market.

You can mail them directly to targeted lists. Consider leaving your postcards at local businesses that cater to your target audiences, such as coffee shops, gyms, or restaurants. Attend local events and hand out postcards to people you meet. Include them in direct mail campaigns and use them as part of your online marketing efforts. You can also include a digital version of your postcard in your email marketing campaigns or share it on social media.

The standard size for a real estate postcard is 4 x 6 inches. This size is small enough to be easily mailed, yet large enough to allow you to include a compelling image and sufficient information about your property or business. Other popular sizes for postcards include 5 x 7 inches and 6 x 9 inches.

A compelling headline should grab the reader's attention and give them a reason to keep reading. A clear and attractive image and a brief but informative message should give the reader an idea of what you are promoting, and why they should be interested. Include your contact information, such as your name, phone number, and email address, so readers can easily reach you.

You should create a real estate postcard to promote a new property and get it in front of potential buyers. Make a postcard to invite people to attend your open house and learn more about the property. When you launch a new marketing campaign, you want to stay in touch with past clients. Create postcards to reach out to a specific group of people, such as homeowners in a particular neighborhood or people who have recently moved to the area.

Well-designed real estate postcards will not only inform your clients about offers but will also encourage them to purchase the property. Using PhotoADKing to create real estate postcards can be a useful and effective way to produce a professional-quality design. PhotoADKing also offers options for exporting the final design. Using specialized design tools like PhotoADKing can be a valuable tool for creating a high-quality bakery menu that effectively promotes your business.

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