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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents or guardians who want to decorate their child's room.

Schools or teachers who want to use posters in their classrooms or as visual aids for teaching.

Daycare or after-school programs that want to create educational posters for kids.

Child psychologists or therapists who want to use posters to help children express their emotions or cope with stress.

Children's book authors or illustrators who want to create posters to promote their work.

Non-profit organizations want to create posters to raise awareness about children's health, education, or other issues.

Hobbyists or artists who want to create posters for children's birthday parties or other events.



Daycare centers or after-school programs

Hospitals or doctor's offices

Children's events

Online platforms

Community centers

Easy to Use

Wide range of Templates

High-Quality Graphics



Quick Turnaround Time

Colorful illustrations or images that are visually appealing to children.

Simple, easy-to-read text that is appropriate for the target age group.

Educational or entertaining facts, figures, or stories that will engage children.

Safety tips or important messages for children to follow, such as hand washing or healthy habits.

Information about a particular subject, such as animals, nature, or history.

Inspiring quotes or messages to encourage children and help them build confidence and self-esteem.

Call-to-action or instructions for the child, such as Join the school club or Color this poster.

18 x 24

24 x 36

27 x 40

11 x 17

The most popular pixel size is 650x800 since it is easy to print.

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