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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel agencies

Greek tourism boards

Tour operators: To promote their Greece-based travel packages and itineraries.

Cultural organizations: To promote Greece’s cultural heritage and showcase its historical sites, museums, and monuments.

Hotels and resorts: To promote their properties in Greece and highlight the attractions and activities available in the area.

Food and beverage companies: To promote Greek cuisine and traditional dishes.

Greek exporters: To promote Greek products, such as olive oil, wine, and honey.

Documentary posters are used to promote and market a Greece film. They serve as a visual representation of the film and are designed to attract the attention of potential viewers and create buzz.

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Unique selling points: Highlight the reasons why Greece is a desirable travel destination, such as its rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, and delicious cuisine.


Travel information

Tourist attractions: List popular tourist attractions and activities, such as visiting the Acropolis, exploring the Plaka neighborhood, or island-hopping.

Accommodation options

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What is the standard size to print a Greece poster?

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