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Frequently Asked Questions

Students and parents who want to know more about a college or university, admissions, or curriculum can take the help of a college brochure. College brochures are a promotional tool of literature that can help colleges and universities to advertise their faculty and facilities easily.

A college brochure provide useful information on the admission process, faculty, and other facilities that help students to decide why they should choose you. Colleges and universities can showcase their unique features such as academic programs, research opportunities, and extracurricular activities through college brochures. In short, college brochures help you attract new students easily.

You can create a college brochure when the admission process is near as this is the ideal time for students looking for colleges and universities. Along with this, online college brochures are highly in demand, and therefore providing them online helps you reach more students. You also need to update college brochures regularly to inform people about your new courses or other latest activities.

Yes, custom dimensions let you create a design in any size. Click on the 'Create New' button in the top right corner. However, we provide the college brochure templates in the '1056 x 816 px' size.

College brochures are usually distributed at college fairs, mailed to prospective students, or made available online. They can be a helpful resource for students who are trying to decide where to apply and attend college, as they provide detailed information about the school and its offerings.

A college brochure generally includes information about the academic programs, campus life, and admissions process, as well as details about the facilities, faculty, and student body. It may also include information about financial aid and scholarships, as well as details about the local community and surrounding area.

Brochures come in a variety of standard sizes, but the most common are 8.5 x 11 inches on normal letter-size paper, which is simple to print and fits well in a regular file folder. 8.5 x 14 inches, suited for more information and a bigger visual effect. You'll need 9 x 16 inches for a tri-fold college brochure and 6 x 9 inches for smaller brochures.

Yes, you can edit and save your design as many times as you like. You can find your design under the 'My Designs' section.

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